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My dad is trying to justify his Islamaphobia with articles and shit about misogyny in the culture, etc. etc.

Can someone give me some stuff to counter his crap with? I’m not Muslim and I don’t know any Muslim girls personally, so I’m not really fit to be countering his arguments well.

Here’s a good site to get you researching;

If there’s anything specific, feel free to ask.

Aug 1

Boycotting Israeli products/goods

Personally don’t get the boycott Israeli goods campaign. Do people think that the American drones haven’t killed more innocent Muslims throughout the middle east? Or the British and European countries occupation of Afghanistan has been any less traumatic?

If you’re going to boycott, then either be consistent - or get realistic. Every Muslim blood is important.


My relationship with my hijab swings between wanting to be a badass hijabi feminist who takes no shit from no one and destroys patriarchy in her wake and wanting to never wear it again because I’m so sick of people assuming that I can’t be a “real” muslim without it on my head.

And everything imaginable in between.


No offence, but your whole mentality towards the hijab is all wrong. On both aspects you’re simply wanting to prove a point.

Hijab isn’t meant for that, it’s a religious covering that’s observed for the sake of one’s Lord, just like prayer is. What others say, or how they feel towards it matter little in the face of it.

I finished reading the whole Quran, alhamdulillah



So if I enter Islam (which is 62,000 years away at this point)… I won’t be able to swim or have a job or shake hands with guys or HAVE GUY FRIENDS and ppl will be frightened of me and my family and friends will think I’m weird and a terrorist and I’ll never get married and ppl will look at my…

I say this out of care and nothing else, but be weary of the things people like sirenofthefallen say. Difference between Islam, and then people’s own interpretations of it - most of which reflect their own comfortable perceptions based on their social and environmental upbringing. 


So last night, Max heard me praying from the other room and after I finished he came in and wouldn’t stop telling me that I recite so beautifully. 
I want to show him recitations that are ACTUALLY beautiful, anyone has any suggestions?

Just hilarious

Just hilarious

Is it a difficult request to ask people not to post posing images of themselves whilst tagging it under #islam ?


One of the things that I really hated about Islam was its hatred of dogs.

Islamic hadith (religious text) says dogs are “impure” animals and if you keep them in the house, good angels won’t enter and your home won’t be blessed. So for my entire childhood, I was taught to stay away from dogs and…

One of the things that I really hate about murtadeen is that they never bothered to study their religion and instead got their diploma’s in Islam from sheikh google and answering-islam.

For example, some murtadeen don’t know there’s iktilaaf on purity of animals, where the Maliki madhab does not consider dogs impure. So instead, they make blanket statements which really do come out as intellectually dishonest, even though we all know they’re simply clueless about the whole subject itself.

They also amusingly say in Islam there are “good angels”, implying bad angels exist when they don’t /facepalm.


My wedding is tomorrow. What up.

Alhamdulillah, May Allah make it the start of a great blessing.